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Happy Hoodie: Pets are often scared, upset and disagreeable with the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with force drying. Happy Hoodie...

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Happy Hoodie

 Pets are often scared, upset and disagreeable with the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with force drying.  The Happy Hoodie muffles the painfully loud noise and keeps the high-pressured air from getting into their ears. Happy Hoodie has an almost immediate calming effect which greatly improves behavior! A calmer pet makes for a safer environment and saves us a lot of time and frustration with the drying process. It only takes a few seconds to put on and what a huge difference it makes!

Benefits include:

  • Noise reduction and swaddling effect calms upset, disagreeable pets
  • Contributes to the safety of both the pet and groomer (or owner)
  • Saves valuable time in the grooming salon
  • Speeds up drying time by wicking water from the ears and face
  • Helps protect pets hearing, Requires minimal time, effort, and cost to use
  • Comes in 3 sizes to accommodate most dog sizes, as well as cats!

Instructions for use:

Simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head and onto it's neck. Place the ears against the pet's head so air cannot get in to them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. Remove the Happy Hoodie to dry the head, ears, and face. We recommend removing the force dryer nozzle when drying the head, ears, and face to keep the drying experience pleasant for the pet.