Bath Master Bather Box System

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The BathMaster Animal Bathing System

The Bath Master Animal Bathing System allows you to bathe dogs & cats in a fraction of the time of hand bathing. This high quality commercial grade system also saves you money in shampoo & conditioner usage. The Bath Master's patented "accu-mixer" accurately mixes the precise amount of shampoo & conditioner to efficiently get the job done.

  •  Cuts Bathing Time in Half
  •  Get Pets Cleaner
  • Saves Money with accurate measuring of shampoo while enhancing shampoos ability to cut through oil & dirt
  •  Makes Bathing Pets Easier & More Enjoyable
  •  Non-Recirculating System assures fresh water & shampoo mixture only on the animals coat
  •  4-Product Select Dial turn dial to select product.
  •  Spray Nozzle provides an excellent pattern & pressure for both washing & rinsing pet
  •  Saves Time & Money
  •  Easy to Use
  •  Easy to Set-Up
  •  Safe - No Electricity Needed
  •  Pets Enjoy the Massaging Effect