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Item Code: B-3
Brand: Metro Vac Company
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Category: High Velocity Blowers

The Air Force® Blaster® Pet Dryer by MetroVac is the ideal solution for all of your pet-grooming needs. This lightweight grooming tool features an advanced design that reduces drying time by 75%, so you and/or your grooming business can move along in no time.

With a flip of its switch, the Air Force® Blaster® uses its high speed to propel water off of pets, leaving them with a dry and fluffy coat. What sets the Air Force® Blaster® apart from other dryers is that its design includes no heating element. Through this heatless grooming dryer, you will be able to eliminate moisture on pets while protecting their coats from damage.

The Air Force® Blaster® is constructed entirely of steel to ensure it is durable and delivers the highest level of performance. In addition to its 4.0 Peek HP 2 Stage Dual Fan Motor, this pet grooming dryer includes a 10 ft. heavy duty commercial hose, neoprene blower nozzle, air flare and a 12 ft. three conductor cord to give you maximum mobility during drying sessions. Dry your pet faster with the Air Force® Blaster®!

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